Why E-Cigars?

So Why Disposable Electronic Cigars?

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering purchasing an electronic cigar. Now, Disposable E-Cigars are great for many reasons. Disposable Cigars are great for those poker games in the house when you have your children around! Disposable E-Cigars do not create any smoke, therefor there is no second-hand smoke for your children, friends, or family members. They have virtually no oder, and feel and taste the same as traditional cigars.

disposable electronic cigar

What does Disposable mean?

Disposable means that they are non-rechargeable. Basically, when you receive your E-Cigar, it only has so much power and nicotine flavored liquid to last for so long. You will get around 1800 drags from a disposable electronic cigar before it dies out. This is comparable to a couple packs of cigarettes.

Why Disposable?

Well, there are many reasons why you may want to go with disposable electronic cigars. They are cheap, they last long, and give you a feel and taste of a real cigars. There are rechargeable electronic cigars avaliable through the store we have on our blog, but they are more expensive. If you are willing to spend a little extra, then go for the rechargeable electronic cigars. In the long run you will save money.

I’m Sold, Where can I buy a Disposable E-Cigars?

Glad to hear you’ve made the commitment moving from real cigars to electronic cigars! If you click here e Cigarette Store¬†you will be taken to a large electronic cigarette company, that carries just about every electronic cigarette device you can think of, and all for the greatest prices online! They are based in the United States, and have great customer support.

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