Disposable e Cigarettes

The NEW Ry4 Disposable e Cigarettes were designed with analogue cigarette smokers in mind. It is light weight, compact, and comfortable to use. They produce an abundance of tasty vapor and have a fabulous soft tip that makes it feel like you are smoking the real thing.

RY4 Disposable e Cigarettes consist of a cartomizer filled with e-liquid and a lithium ion battery  that comes completely charged and ready to go. There is no maintenance involved with this disposable e-cigarette. Just start puffing.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette

In terms of use, if you vape in 5-8 minute intervals like you would a regular cigarette, and inhale for 1.5 seconds for each puff; you will vape the equivalent to two packs (500 puffs) before your Disposable e Cigarettes is ready to be disposed of. Keep in mind that if you vape continuously, this will heat up the atomizer much quicker and will cause the liquid to evaporate faster. This in turn will shorten the amount of puffs you will get from your Disposable e Cigarettes.

The RY4 Disposable e Cigarettes has a mild tobacco flavor with sweet caramel highlights and comes in 18mg of nicotine. If you enjoy rich tobacco flavors, this is the one for you.

In Disposable e Cigarettes, there are four active ingredients…

Vegetable Glycerin In foods and beverages, Vegetable Glycerin serves as a humectant, solvent, sweetener and helps preserve foods. It is also used as filler in prepared low-fat foods and to thicken liqueurs.
Propylene Glycol Propylene Glycol is a colorless, nearly odorless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. It is considered generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is used as a preservative in food and for tobacco products, as well as being one of the major ingredients of the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. It is also used in pharmaceutical and personal care products.
Nicotine The stimulant found in the tobacco plant.
Flavoring These flavors are natural and artifical and commonly used in the food industry.

This is a great product for someone who is trying to get away from using or is unable to use real cigarettes. It eliminates smoke, ashtrays and all of the harmful carcinogens that come with combusting a regular cigarette. Not only that, it can be used almost anywhere, including places that ban regular cigarettes. Purchase one today for yourself. Or a box of ten to share with loved ones, friends, co-workers…or anyone you’d like to give the gift of satisfaction, convenience and good taste to.