I work in a public setting where I encounter a lot of different people from all walks of life. One thing that I started noticing is that more and more people are walking around with e-cigarettes. I have one myself…a few actually, so I always feel inclined to strike up a conversation with people about their e-cigarettes. How do they like them, where do they buy them, how much do they pay, what are their favorite flavors etc.

One man in particular, Jim, came by with an electronic  disposable cigar. These were new to me and I was intrigued. It looked just like a cigar, was making smoke just like a cigar, but it didn’t smell like a cigar. So I asked Jim for details. I wanted the scoop.

Jim said he discovered them through his son. He was getting married and the place that had been chosen for his bachelor party didn’t allow smoking. They wanted to be able to have their cigars with their drinks so his best man had bought the disposable e cigar and they were a hit. That’s when Jim started getting curious.

Jim had long hosted the Thursday night poker parties at his house but his wife had said that it could happen no more.  She couldn’t stand having her home filled up with cigar smoke anymore and she put her foot down, and poker night at Jim’s house ended. So now, along comes the disposable e cigar. Would this get him his poker night back? Would he be able to convince his buddies to use these contraptions that his son was raving about? He decided he wouldn’t know unless he tried.  But first, to convince his wife.

So he bought two of them. One,  cuban cigar flavor and another in vanilla. He took them home, and without saying a word, starting puffing on it right in the living room. He was loving it. It had a soft-tip, just like a real cigar. The flavor was that of a real Cuban cigar. This was a God-send! His wife didn’t even know that he was puffing on it until she looked in his direction and actually saw the puffs of vapor.

Once he calmed her down, he explained that it was a disposable e cigar that produced vapor only, leaving behind no smell. She admitted that she had not smelled a thing and that had she not witnessed it herself, she never would have believed it possible. She conceded to allow poker night to return, on the condition that only electronic disposable cigars would be used. Jim was thrilled.

Jim’s next step was to convince his poker buddies. He invited them all over and bought a cigar for each one. They were skeptical at first, but tried them out. And they loved them! Big, fat puffs of vapor, soft-tips they could chew on, the taste of cigar they all loved and no smell to annoy Jim’s wife. Everyone was happy. So now, poker night is back on at Jim’s house.

So now, curious myself, I went and bought a disposable electronic cigar for myself….for Super Bowl Sunday. I bought a vanilla flavored one. I loved the flavor.   The soft-tip did make it feel like a real cigar. Everyone else in the room was dying to try it out.  It got passed around the room and it was a hit. And no one left the house stinking of tobacco smoke either. A good time was had by all, and a new favorite in cigar smoking was discovered in this disposable e cigar.